"Requiem for/by a culture" | "Requiem por/para una cultura", 2003
"Por dónde se fue el camino", "Cirugía Cultura" & "Santa Sangre"

Video, three channels, Sound, 9:55 mins | Video, tres canales, Sonido, 9:55 mins

Three monitors in a cross on a floor covered in fresh hay, display "Santa sangre", "Cirugía Cultura" and "Por dónde se fue el camino". The scenes of the intercut videos— a domestic interior dripping with blood, a gory avian autopsy in a sterile operating room, a woman’s confessional monologue as she appears to descend into madness.

En "Sangre Santa" chorros de sangre descieden por una pared de losetas. En "Cirugía Cultura" un cirujano descuartiza concienzudamente un pollo en un espacio perfectamente antiséptico, y en el monólogo "Por donde se fue el camino", una mujer se lamenta de la suerte de su país; reflexiona sobres los caminos deshilvanados de su patria.

Monologue from "Por dónde se fue el camino" / "Where did the path go?"

"My silence feels noisy it screams and it cannot be heard. I wish I could listen to myself. I feel alone. Sometimes I feel like I'm going crazy. At times, I don't know who I am. I have no ancestors. Where has everything gone? I feel like I'm dying, my land is in agony. Who am I really? Who are we? I want to be, I need to be. I feel like I'm dying. We are, we are not, we want to be... My eyes piss sadness. My land is dying. My land is sad, we are sad and we don't even know it... Who will guide me? Who will guide us? I live in confusion, we live in confusion. Is all this in my imagination? I do not know, perhaps it is, perhaps everything is an invention. Maybe I am crazy... maybe we're all crazy... I want to go home... When I was little I lived on an island of an island. I was everything and everything was me. Now as an adult, everything is different. My mother, my father, my brother, the day, the night, the land, the things. When I was little, everything was time and time was everything. What happened? Where did the path go? Where does the path go?"